History & Statistics

Canadian Colonialism accounts for many demoralizing legacies, the most pervasive of which is education - the root of this particular legacy is the Indian Residential School system. According to Statics Canada's 2011 Aboriginal Survey, 22.8% of Aboriginal Peoples had completed high school and post-secondary education. 

Half of First Nations children live in poverty, with rates reaching as high as 64 percent of children in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. They are far more likely to grow up in communities racked with violence, live in overcrowded housing and lack access to clean drinking water.


Deep poverty and domestic violence have pushed many Aboriginal youth toward a life of crime. Compared to non-Native Canadians, Aboriginal youth are seven times more likely to be victims of homicide, five times more likely to commit suicide and twice as likely to die an alcohol-related death. A rising number of Native teenagers are in custody: in 1997, just 12 per cent of young offenders in custody were Aboriginal. Today, it’s one in three.

The National Native Foundation aims to prevent these problems at their core: a lack of fundamental education. With your help, the foundation aspires to contribute to the betterment of First Nation communities and Canada as a whole.