Jasmine Joy

Founder & Treasurer 


Jasmine Joy is a grade 12 student at Havergal College in Toronto, Canada. After visiting a native reserve in Georgian Bay, she and her brother Todd Joy were surprised at the high school and post secondary education available to native americans students. It’s impossible to deny that the impact that education has on the individual is astounding, and one’s ability to access education shouldn’t be compromised simply because of their socio-economic status. For this reason Jasmine and Todd created the National Native Foundation.

Todd Joy

Founder & Executive Director


Todd Joy is a student at Upper Canada College, Toronto (class of 2017). After visiting a First Nations reserve in northern Ontario and witnessing the socio-economic inequalities faced by First Nation Canadians, he set out on a way to help the underrepresented population. Todd came up with the idea of creating a non-profit organization directed at alleviating many of the economic and educational concerns faced by First Nation Canadians. Today he oversees the organization, planning and executing voluntary excursions to First Nation communities and administering the uses of monetary donations.

Paul Zaki

Founder & Secretary


Paul Zaki is a student currently in grade 12 at Upper Canada College in Toronto, Ontario. He wanted to bring to light the mostly unrecognized limitations felt by aboriginal families across Canada. Paul is aspiring to become a doctor and is passionate about the importance of having equal access to healthcare no matter your denomination or socio-economic status. Co-founding the National Native Foundation was  an important step in providing this access, as well as access to education, mental health services, and support to aboriginals in need of it.